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SLJ Eyrie Trillion Ring
SLJ Eyrie Trillion Ring
SLJ Eyrie Trillion Ring
SLJ Eyrie Trillion Ring
SLJ Eyrie Trillion Ring
SLJCore Collection
Eyrie Trillion Ring
Details & Care
  • The ring is multiple layered metal bars forming a bird nest like shape
  • The centre of the bird nest like ring band featured a claw set trillion cut gemstone
  • Care: Clean the hardware parts with the accompanying silver polish cloth when needed; Do not immerse in water
  • Materiality: 100% 925 silver, 100% qtz

Features a nest-like arrangement of multi-layered metal bars with a center-set trillion cut gemstone, encapsulating intricate craftsmanship.

Gender-neutral. Luxury hardware.
SweetLimeJuice designs Jewelry.
Unwavering craftsmanship and concerted designs— SLJ's jewelry blurs the line between fine and fashion jewelry. Since its inception in 2019, London-based SLJ has maintained an unwavering emphasis on innovation, through its implementation of 3D technology in its design process. SLJ prioritizes ethical gemstones, eco metals, and recycled silver for their line of gender-neutral jewelry. Additionally, they employ in-house recycling systems and localized supply chains, which contribute to their mission of sustainability and transparency.