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Chitiner Green Thorns Ring
Chitiner Green Thorns Ring
Chitiner Green Thorns Ring
Green Thorns Ring
Only 3 Remaining
Size 6 Ring
Details & Care
  • Specially blended silver
  • Material from the back of the beetle
  • Changes color automatically with light, temperature and humidity
  • Each one unique
  • Care: Pay attention to moisture, do not soak in water, away from chemical reagents
  • Materiality: 100% Beetle Fibers (Mosaic), 100% Sterling Silver (Body)

Sterling silver ring embellished with mosaic of beetle fibers. Yes, real beetle tissue was used to make this ring. If you don't mind that, this is a beautiful creation of coalescing nature's life and elements. Or you could pretend like you didn't read that :D

Insect-embellished metalwork.
Chitiner designs Jewelry.
Chitiner's pieces literally incarnate nature's intrinsic beauty—they incorporate decaying beetle remains in their material composition. China-based Chitiner seeks to imbue each piece with the charm of nature, where life is honored. Chitiner's production process is highly artisanal. Each of Chitiner's jewelry pieces is unique, due to the discrete nature of its materials.